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 “women will be the ones to lead in ending the destruction of Mother Earth because, as women we have an invisible umbilical cord that connects us to her." Maori Elder Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere is a digital channel of extraordinary podcasts, by women, for the planet. It is a collection of independently produced podcasts.

It is a global home for healthy-earth focused content without all the doom and gloom.  Everything......from women in leadership to the importance of ecological story-telling, from science to sustainability, environmental justice to education, eco travel, conscious businesses, children in the wild, plant medicine and moon cycles has a home on

No Mother Earth centred genre is too big or too small for this planet-positive podcast posse.

Our mission is to support the work of women throughout the world who are dedicated to sharing stories, ideas, solutions and a bit of humour for the health of ourselves, each other, the planet and those we share her with. 

Women are natural-born collaborators and has been created to provide us women with a greater platform to amplify our unique voices and unite together with our listeners to help heal nurture and create a vibrant, liveable planet for our future. 

So what does TWIG stand for? The World Is Good of course!

We hope you'll enjoy what you hear and will become part of the Tribe. Thank you. Our planet needs us all!


"If you want to walk fast walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together!” - African Proverb


  • A grant programme to support other women to set up their own podcasts 

  • a mentoring programme for women podcasters

  • events and webinars

Our Near Future Goals

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The women podcast channel is all about: connection to nature; ethical business; women leadership to effect environmental and social change in their communities; inspiration and empowerment to take action around earth stewardship; natural approaches to self care, health and creativity; celebrating planet heroes; connecting kids to nature to create our future conservationists and everything in between! is a collection of independently produced podcasts.

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The podcast channel is a proud media partner of the Bioneers Conference and the NYWILD Film Festival

The World Is Good
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