A bi-monthly five minute dose of nature connecting medicine to help int times when we're feeling a bit of eco-angst, by environmental journalist, Natasha Milne.

Ant to Sol is designed to share some antidotes to 'solastalgia', a coin termed by Environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht who says “Solastalgia exists when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under assault (physical desolation)." 


After a 20+year career as a photographer, Natasha now dedicates her life in support of the planet.


She is the co-founder of Twig.fm, editor of the acclaimed environmental book One Hundred and One Reasons to Get Out of Bed, and is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists. 


She recently launched a pilot program with local schools, aimed at reconnecting children to nature through the creative use of technology-calledTwig2Nature.


In her spare time, Natasha can be found on in the water or rescuing local injured wildlife in Sydney.

Natasha's other Twig.fm podcast is My Home Planet.

Ant to Sol

Natasha Milne

The Twig.fm women podcast channel is all about: connection to nature; ethical business; women leadership to effect environmental and social change in their communities; inspiration and empowerment to take action around earth stewardship; natural approaches to self care, health and creativity; celebrating planet heroes; connecting kids to nature to create our future conservationists and everything in between!


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