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The Influenced by Nature Podcast aims to highlight some of the amazing work, initiatives and projects taking place around the world to help preserve and protect nature and climate. IbN hopes to raise awareness and bring solutions for a greener tomorrow. Together, we explore these solutions with a vast array of interesting guests who keep you up to date on the challenges our modern world faces with regards to climate, biodiversity, the environment and sustainability. We believe there is plenty of reasons for optimism and want to highlight what each of us can do to support a healthier planet. Join us and let’s be influenced by nature together!


Since the launch in May 2017, Influenced by Nature has covered a wide range of topics, including rainforest conservation in South America, water scarcity in Asia, specie de-extinction, edible insects and sustainable and circular fashion.

Stine Eiersholt

Stine Eiersholt (founder and host) is a Climate Change Master student at the University of Copenhagen. She works part time for Climate-KIC, the leading climate innovation initiative within the EU, and supports entrepreneurial education activities with a focus on solving climate change related challenges.


After a conservation internship in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, Stine launched the podcast in an effort to turn around the constant negative attention that environmental issues are surrounded by to encourage a more proactive approach. 

Michelle Lee 

Michelle Lee is also a Climate Change Master student at the University of Copenhagen. She moved from California to Denmark this past year to join the program and found the podcast a particularly inspiring project that promotes a spirit of change. Her interests are in climate science research as well as the energy sector

The women podcast channel is all about: connection to nature; ethical business; women leadership to effect environmental and social change in their communities; inspiration and empowerment to take action around earth stewardship; natural approaches to self care, health and creativity; celebrating planet heroes; connecting kids to nature to create our future conservationists and everything in between! is a collection of independently produced podcasts.

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The podcast channel is a proud media partner of the Bioneers Conference and the NYWILD Film Festival

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