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Our very own Gretchen Miller for her incredible expertise as a podcast producer and media trainer. With over 20 years experience as a presenter, interviewer and documentary maker, Gretchen can build your podcast or teach you to make your own, help you tell compelling stories to promote your work and train your people in the art and craft of storytelling to maximise your public impact.

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The Twig.fm women podcast channel is all about: connection to nature; ethical business; women leadership to effect environmental and social change in their communities; inspiration and empowerment to take action around earth stewardship; natural approaches to self care, health and creativity; celebrating planet heroes; connecting kids to nature to create our future conservationists and everything in between!


Twig.fm is a collection of independently produced podcasts.

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The Twig.fm podcast channel is a proud media partner of the Bioneers Conference and the NYWILD Film Festival

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