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Welcome to another Twig Tea episode. For this one, Natasha sits down with the remarkable award-winning journalist, author and awesome animal advocate Jennifer Skiff for some Twig Tea. Jennifer confesses to just who gets her up in the morning, shares her key advice for living a better normal, explains why happiness is contagious, why we need more women leaders, and her surprising choice to share a Twig Tea with.


Jennifer Skiff is an incredible animal advocate. She is a Trustee of The Dogs Refuge Home and is the Chair of the Humane Society of the United States Maine State council. Jennifer is also the best-selling author of The Divinity of Dogs. Her latest book Rescuing Ladybugs: Inspirational Encounters with Animals That Changed the World will be out in October 2018. 

Learn more at:






Welcome to the second Tea episode. In this episode, we get to share some tea with Harriet Spark, founder of Grumpy Turtle Design. Harriet chats about what gets her out of bed, why she wants to have tea with Aussie journalist Leigh Sales and why you can get a lot done before 9am.


Harriet is also the founder of the incredible Operation Straw initiative and a Twig.fm ambassador. You can learn more about Harriet at Grumpy Turtle Design and listen to an interview with her on the My Home Planet Podcast.

Harriet also talks about several wonderful organizations:
Clean Coast Collective 
The Design Kids


Welcome to the first Twig Tea episode. This week we ask “for the planet designer” Cat Leach to answer our 5 Twig questions - helping to inspire us to all live a better normal.

Cat Leach owns and runs the Catfish Creative design studio providing creative solutions to organisations and not-for-profits involved in conservation work, improving habitats, innovation and positive change for the oceans and the planet. Find out more at Catfish Creative

The two organisations that Cat recommends we follow to learn more about the better normal she would like to see in the world are...

The Responsible Cafes Network
The Circular Experiment

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