Leading From the Feminine: Keepers of the Cradle of Life. (ONE HOUR SPECIAL)

What does it mean to bring the “feminine” forward in leadership from diverse

cultural and ethnic perspectives? How might a spectrum of views help us to

integrate relational intelligence into all our leadership? With poet Noris Binet; Nikki Silvestri, former Executive Director of Green for All and The People's Grocery; and Pat McCabe, or Woman Stands Shining, a Navajo teacher working on Indigenous frameworks for gender and all of life.

Fire in the Belly: Women Leading Social Change

Leaders Pennie Opal Plant and Colette Pichon Battle are on the frontlines, organizing their communities to stop the harms of the extraction economy and climate disruption. Activist-attorney Adrianna Quintero is making sure the voices of those most affected are heard.


City of Joy: From Pain to Power

Women are coming together to heal in community, with hands in the soil, in one of the most broken places on the planet, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Playwright and feminist Eve Ensler’s life-and-death struggle with cancer transformed her. At the heart of it was her reconnection with nature. She expanded her work to end violence against women and girls to include restoring nature and our relationship with nature. With master permaculturist Brock Dolman, she tells the hopeful story of the Congo’s V-Day Farm.


Archetypes in Every Woman: Renaissance of the Feminine

Archetypal stories guide our lives in profound and largely unconscious ways. Through reframing classic mythologies, we explore the resurgence of the archetypal feminine and its relationship to nature through a multi-cultural lens, with Jean Shinoda Bolen, author and Jungian therapist; Luisah Teish, author and priestess in the Ifa Orisha tradition; Sri Swamini Svatmavidyananda, teacher of Hindu Vedanta philosophy.


Indigenous Women Rising: Upholding the Hoop of Life

From the Canadian tar sands to the oil and natural gas fields of North America and the Amazon jungle, Indigenous peoples of the North and South are converging in one struggle. It is also the reconciliation of two different ways of knowing and being, between the head and heart, sometimes called The Eagle and The Condor. Five Indigenous women of the North and South are showing us how to keep fossil fuels in the ground and uphold our part of the hoop of life. With: Woman Stands Shining, Patricia Gualinga, Crystal Lameman, Eagle Woman, and Eriel Deranger.


Ecstatic Revolt: The New Mythos of Eve

As the creation story of Judeo-Christian beliefs, the biblical recounting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden has long had profound influence around the world. So what’s it like to be named Eve? World-renowned playwright and activist Eve Ensler explores her own personal journey into her namesake. The provocative author of “The Vagina Monologues” and founder of V-Day to end violence against women suggests there’s another story beneath the traditional story. For her, it’s both very personal – and very political.


The Sophia Century: When Women Come Into Co-Equal Partnership

Women-led movements arising around the world herald a profound shift that

changes everything. Visionary women leaders Osprey Orielle-Lake, Leila Salazar and Lynne Twist report on the women leading the clean energy revolution in Africa, defending the Amazonian rainforest, and making peace in Liberia.


The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: The Truth and Reconciliation of Gender

Today gender reconciliation is a burgeoning new movement for transformational healing. Gender reconciliation visionaries Pat McCabe, Cynthia Brix, Will Keepin and Pele Rouge share powerful stories of transformation from the personal to the societal, including the nation of South Africa.


Women Changing the Story: Mother Bears, Polar Bears and Women’s Leadership

Women’s truths, perspectives and voices have been largely missing from the global conversation, but that is beginning to change as women awaken to their purposes and power. Courageous and eloquent women environmental and social justice leaders - journalist Rose Aguilar , biologist Sandra Steingraber , and reproductive justice advocates Vanessa Daniel and Eveline Shen - share their stories of how the leadership of women is changing the story and the world.


Escaping Control: Linking Gender, Social Movements and Democracy

World-renowned feminist, writer and change-maker Gloria Steinem connects the dots among disparate social movements to reveal the common patterns of oppression that underlie them all. From gender and race to democracy and universal spirituality, she applies her razor intellect, compassionate heart and nuanced eye to weave a unifying vision of a richly human and humane world where all people are valued for their uniqueness and full humanity - neither treated as property, nor defined by labels or stereotypes.


Women and Power: “Power Over” or “Power To”?

The future belongs to women. Around the world, women are inspiring each other to envision a world where women lead, but quite differently. Women are spontaneously redefining power and shaping it in novel ways. According to social justice advocate Gloria Feldt and community advocate Reinette Senum, leadership begins inside – with “power to” rather than “power over.” How is the leadership of women benefitting us all?


Sisters in Spirit: Women Transforming the World

History is a tale told by the winners. How then can we reclaim the voices of those who have been historically written out - silenced through the ages? Perhaps as women write “herstory” into history, we’ll see clearly the eternal power, brilliance and unique value of women’s contributions. Join media innovator Jensine Larsen and feminist historian Sally Roesch Wagner as they share the emerging landscape of an inclusive, sustainable and just society at whose heart is the leadership of women.


Beyond the Vagina Monologues

For a decade, the award-winning play The Vagina Monologues has provided a startling window into the conflicted complexity of women’s relationships to their bodies and pervasive worldwide violence against women. By revealing the deeply personal stories of women and their private parts, world-renowned playwright and women’s rights activist Eve Ensler gave birth to a global movement to end violence against women and girls with the non-profit organization V Day. V Day has raised more than $60 million to support grassroots anti-violence groups around the world through performances of this groundbreaking theater work.


They Don't Call Her Mother Earth for Nothing: Women Reimagining the World

Transformational women leaders are restoring societal balance by showing us how to reconnect relationships - not only among people - but between people and the natural world.  This astounding conversation among diverse women leaders provides a fascinating window into the soulful depths of what it means to restore the balance between our masculine and feminine selves to bring about wholeness, justice and true restoration of people and planet. Join Alice Walker, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Nina Simons, Sarah Crowell, Joanna Macy and Akaya Windwood to imagine a future where women, children, men and the planet can thrive.


Heart to Heart: Women’s Leadership in Transforming Culture

All too often, there's a disconnect between how women are portrayed in popular culture and the media, and how women see and portray themselves. Sarah Crowell, Joanna Macy, Susan Griffin, Sofia Quintero and Akaya Windwood take apart gender politics and put them back together with the emotional intelligence that is shifting the definition of power and fostering new models of women's leadership.

Women’s Leadership – Bioneers Radio Series Programs

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